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    HAZWOPER training aka Hazardous Waste Operations was promulgated into law back in the early 1980′s and was born of the 4 agency document designed by the collaborative efforts of OSHANIOSHUSCG and the EPA.

    There are five specific categories for those working with hazardous waste and substances as mentioned below. You can find even more detail on the Hazwoper categories here on OSHA’s Hazwoper faq page.
  1. Clean Up Operations
  2. Corrective Actions Involving Clean Up Operation
  3. Voluntary Clean Up Operations
  4. Operations Involving Hazardous Waste Sites
  5. Emergency Response Operations

Who Needs The HAZMAT Test?

  1. Environmental Workers
  2. HAZMAT Industrial Personnel
  3. Emergency Personnel
  4. First Responders & Safety Professionals
  5. Regulatory Agency Authority


    The Center For Safety and Environmental Management has been providing Emergency Response and Hazmat education to the private and public sectors since 1992. The following tables will give you a better idea of which training you need for certification.

    However, CSEM can also develop custom Hazwoper classes tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our instructor will talk with you to make sure that you are choosing the right course. Depending on the size of the class, our 40 hr Hazwoper course includes either counter top or full blown simulations.



 First Responder Awareness Level (4 Hr.) 40 Hour Classroom Training; and →
 First Responder Operation Level (8 Hr.) →24 Hour OJT
 Hazardous Materials Technician (24 Hr.) 24 Hour Initial (Inter. Site Worker); and→
 Hazardous Materials Specialist (24 Hr.) → 8 Hour OJT
 Incident Commander (24 Hr.) 16→ Upgrade to 40 Hour
  16 → Upgrade to 24 Hour OJT
  8 Hour Refresher (Every 12 Months)
  8 Hour Supervisory (Once in a lifetime)

The chart below shows who these workers normally are in a typical work setting.


 Awareness Level – Line Worker 40 Hour→ ALL Site Workers
 Operations Level – Maintenance Staff →24 Hour OJT
 Haz. Mat. Tech. – Vol. Fire Fighter Type 24 (ALL Inter. Site Worker); and→
 Hazardous Materials Specialist – Sec./Acc. → 8 Hour OJT
 Incident Com. – Fire Chief / Upper Manag. 16→ Up-Grade to 40 Hour (Site Worker)
  16 → Up-Grade to 24 Hour OJT
  8 Hour Ref. → (ALL SITE WORKERS)
  8 Supervisory → Management

If you have any specific questions about HAZWOPER training please call 888-701-2736.

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