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Construction Safety

posted May 13, 2013, 4:25 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 20, 2013, 12:05 PM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
CSEM stands for the Center for Safety and Environmental Management, Inc. It was founded by Safety and Environmental professionals with over thirty years of experience and is affiliated with Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. CSEM offers a broad range of health, safety and environmental management training courses. In addition to being a training centre, CSEM also offers consulting services to all kinds of organizations, where they help these corporations, industries and government agencies develop high quality safety and environmental management programs – for example helping a construction firm develop construction safety guidelines for their manpower for incorporation into their SOPs. The Center for Safety and Environmental Management, Inc. provides trainings through a variety of channels, enabling organizations to choose the kind that would be best suited to their schedules and needs.

    These include on-site trainings, webinar trainings, online trainings and open courses. The streams of courses offered are in OSHA training, MSHA training, DOT training and EPA training. These trainings are designed for organizations to undertake safety measures according to what the OSHA, MSHA, DOT and EPA regulations require. OSHA training cover a wide variety of aspects of construction safety and manufacturing facility safety. The trainings that the Center for Safety and Environmental Management, Inc. provides include a multitude of courses each of which goes into minute details of how to go about daily operations in industries like construction and manufacturing. In addition to these, MSHA trainings cover safety techniques and procedures for mining labor forces. Organizations wishing to invest in training courses (for example courses on mining, electrical equipment and construction safety) for their employees and labor can sign up for these trainings in the exact training course most relevant to their field of operations.

    The number of individuals who would take the training and the number of days the training should be ideally for can be specified in the CSEM online registration system. Quotes are also available for organizations to enable them in better budgeting and pinpointing focus on those trainings that would prove most beneficial for their line of business. All an organization needs to do to get a quote is fill out a short online form on the CSEM website with training specifications and other input on different organizational requirements, and CSEM staff will reply via email with the requested quotation.

    Organizations wishing to enroll their employees into any CSEM course will benefit greatly from this investment. Employees who are better aware of what the regulations are and how to go about following them will bring the practically applied techniques much closer to the standard operating procedures in place that have been designed to meet the regulations, for example OSHA and MSHA for construction safety. A toll free number is available, and queries are encouraged. The staff at the Center for Safety and Environmental Management, Inc. is also available for assistance and clarifications via email and on the ‘Contact CSEM’ link on their website.