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Hazwoper Certification

posted May 14, 2013, 8:53 AM by amanzo@seowebpower.com   [ updated May 20, 2013, 10:31 AM ]
Many employees have been using the internet for the past 10 years or so to take their HAZWOPER 40 hour training courses very successfully. However, at the same time many employers have no idea that this option is available to them and continue to send their employees to a classroom for their training which can cause many problems within their manufacturing facility such as the loss of manpower for the training period. One of the biggest benefits to you as a company owner or manager of using online HAZWOPER 40 hour training is cost. In today’s weak economy we are all looking for ways to cut costs and training is a good area to cut costs without having to sacrifice the quality of the training your staff is getting. Government regulations require your employees to undergo HAZWOPER training so while you cannot eliminate it you can significantly reduce the cost of it to your company by making use of the resources available on the Internet for training. When you send your employees to a training facility for HAZWOPER 40 hour training you must not only pay for the course, but you will have to pay their salary while they are away, pay for their travel expenses and of course their hotel room and food.

    This can add up quite quickly to make training a very expensive ordeal, something most of us are trying to avoid as often as possible in order to meet our budgets and keep the corporate finance department happy. Another major advantage to having your employees take their HAZWOPER 40 hour training online rather than sending your employees out for a one week course is that your employees can take the course at their own pace. This means that they can fit the course in while they are at work or if absolutely necessary on their own time. This means you will not lose them for a week and lose a week’s production or have to ask another employee to double up or come in on overtime to cover for the employee who has gone to the training class. The majority of online HAZWOPER 40 hour training courses are broken down into modules that the employee can complete individually so that they do not lose their place.

    This also makes it much easier to work at their own pace as it can be easier to find several smaller periods of time for study instead of trying to set aside one large section of time in a busy schedule. Since each student must spend the required 40 hours training this type of program allows them to spend more time on the difficult areas and less time on the easy parts, the end result is an employee who is better trained. If you are interested in an online HAZWOPER 40 hour training course for your employees turn to CSEM. They offer fully accredited and certified courses that can be tailored to your needs. They also offer a full line of CEUs that are state recognized, and university credited for DOT, EPA and OSHA training requirements.