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Hazwoper Refresher

posted May 13, 2013, 4:30 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 20, 2013, 11:50 AM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
The Center for Safety and Environmental Management, Inc. (CSEM) has been offering training and consulting services to different agencies and industries for over a decade. With 30 years of experience, the training staff offers complete and extensive courses for safety, health and environmental training. One of such training sessions is the HAZWOPER online.

    HAZWOPER is an acronym for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. This acronym indicated 5 types of waste operations which take place in the United States under the OSHA Standard 1910.120Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response”, the latter which contains safety requirement that employees must meet in order that they be able to perform these operations. CSEM offers its HAZWOPER online training session to help familiarize workers with the requirements they need.

    With the use of modern day technology, CSEM offers some of its courses online. Luckily, the HAZWOPER online training session is also available. With this course, employees will have a better understanding of their roles as first responders and to be able to comply with their companies’ emergency response plans. In addition, workers will be able to identify hazardous substances and understand what risks are linked to their release or spills, thus realize their outcomes and be able to report them faster.

    The HAZWOPER online training session’s outline includes three segments: An overview, Recognition and Identification, and Employee Action Response Procedures. The first part of the training will offer an overview of the characteristics of hazardous material and the four ways of exposure. As for the second part, workers will learn to recognize the presence of hazardous material as well as identify its information contained in the Department of Transportation's Emergency Response Guidebook. Finally, methods as to how to respond to this danger will be explained.

    In addition, along with the HAZWOPER online sessions, OSHA approved courses are offered in Pittsburgh in December, February, March, April and May. These include the 8-hour HAZWOPER course, the 40-hour course and the 24-hour course. Each of these courses is designed to suit different workers facing different levels of hazardous material during their work.

    The 8-hour training sessions are usually simple refresher training courses which are taken annually for general site workers, those limited to specific tasks or work in a treatment, storage or disposal facility. For more ease, these courses can be conducted via the internet with the HAZWOPER online course, which is the equivalent of the 8-hour courses. As for the 40-hour ones, these are basic courses that come with hands on training for those who are bound to encounter hazardous material more regularly. Finally, the 24-hour courses are best for those who work at sites with no hazards above acceptable levels.

    With CSEM’s HAZWOPER online refresher courses and full-fledged HAZWOPER training sessions, workers can ensure their own safety as well as that of others around them, for with the abundant practice they will have as well as the valuable information they will collect, they will be able to handle any hazardous situation without losing their composure.