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Mine Safety

posted May 13, 2013, 1:53 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:03 PM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
CSEM is able to offer DOT training, Mine Safety Training, EPA Training, as well as OSHA Training. The Mine Safety Training courses are offered by way of four modules, made up of a 24-hour part 46 new miner Mine Safety Training, 24-hour part 48 New Miner Training, and two 8 hour part 46 and 48 refresher Mine Safety Training courses. In an attempt to meet the training needs of clients, CSEM has developed training courses which may be offered either as on-site training, open course training, webinar training or as online training. Due to the fact that Mine Safety Training is a vital part of safety training, it is essential that miners undergo the very best in Mine Safety Training which will teach them how to identify potential dangers underground and it will give them the knowledge of how to react when faced with these underground dangers. CSEM is able to develop Mine Safety Training to allow it to meet the needs of all types of mining companies and because we are specialist trainers, we are more than able to train all levels and grades of mine workers. Feel free to learn more about Mine Safety Training course and our other training choices on our website. CSEM began offering training in 1992 and for almost two decades, CSEM as an independent corporation has been providing training which is state-recognized and university accredited education and their training spans several safety fields and aspects.

    CSEM has used their two decades in training to create safety training which is able to serve the needs of a many diverse industries, both in the corporate and governmental sectors. For mining companies, Mine Safety Training is a requirement of the Mine Safety and Health Administration Act of the US Government and Mine Safety Training is a requirement which all new and experienced miners need to undergo regularly. The Mine Safety refresher Training course must be completed on a yearly basis and forming part of the refresher Mine Safety Training is hazard training. The online quoting tool for Mine Safety Training will allow clients the opportunity to make their selection on the type of Mine Safety Training which is required, and they will be able enroll the number of students who will be taking the training courses for onsite training, online users will need to stipulate the mine’s location. When the information has been submitted to CSEM, we will prepare a quotation for the Mine Safety Training and mining companies are assured of the fact that they will be receiving the highest level of Mine Safety Training courses that are in accordance with the US government’s health and safety regulations and policies.

    Find out what Mine Safety Training involves via the CSEM website, www.cesm.com. CSEM appreciates the fact that for most mining companies, time is of the essence, and as such, CSEM is able to provide Mine Safety Training online, and in an attempt to save as much time on training as possible, CSEM offers Mine Safety Training and many of their other training courses on-site, which has eliminated the need for the company to arrange transportation or accommodation for workers.