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posted May 13, 2013, 1:45 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:05 PM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
CSEM began in 1992 and for close to two decades, the independent corporation has been offering state-recognized, university accredited education and training within various safety fields. CSEM offers DOT training, MSHA Training, EPA Training, and OSHA Training. The MSHA Training courses which are offered include four modules, which comprise of 24-hour part 46 new miner MSHA Training, 24-hour party 48 New Miner MSHA Training, as well as two 8 hour part 46 and 48 refresher MSHA Training. In a bid to meet the training needs of companies, CSEM is able to offer MSHA Training and other training courses by either on-site training, open course training, webinar training or online training and since MSHA Training forms a critical part of safety training, it is imperative that miners undergo effective MSHA Training which will give them the ability to identify dangers underground and how to react in the face of underground dangers. CSEM is able to develop MSHA Training to suit the needs of all types of mines and since our company is a specialist trainer, we are able to train all levels of workers. Find out more about our MSHA Training as well as our OSHA training via our website.

    CSEM has spent the past two decades developing safety training to suit the needs of many diverse industries within the realm of corporate and governmental spheres. For mines, MSHA Training is a requirement of the Mine Safety and Health Administration of the US Government and MSHA Training is a requirement for all new miners, as well as miners who are experienced in the field. The MSHA refresher Training is required to be done on an annual basis and included in MSHA Training is task and hazard training. Feel free to obtain full details of what MSHA Training involves and entails on the CSEM website, www.cesm.com. Since we realize that for many mining companies, time is of the essence, CSEM offers MSHA Training online, and in a further attempt to save time, CSEM will offer MSHA Training and other training courses onsite, which negates the need to arrange transport or accommodation for miners with off-site MSHA Training. To obtain a quotation for MSHA Training, please click on the link ‘get a quote’ and allow CSEM, a premier health and safety company, to offer the very best in MSHA Training.

    As CSEM is a full service health and safety trainer, our company is equipped to provide several health and training courses, and again, full details of all courses and services can be viewed via the CSEM website. The online quoting tool for MSHA Training will give clients the chance to select the type of MSHA Training needed, as well as the number of students who will undergo the MSHA Training, as well as the mine’s location. Once submitted CSEM will prepare a quotation for the MSHA Training and mining companies can look forward to top quality training courses which are in line with government health and safety regulations.