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Occupational Health And Safety Training

posted May 13, 2013, 1:42 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:05 PM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
NFPA 70E is a code of the National Fire Protection Agency and it is the standard for electrical safety in the workplace. CSEM offers electrical safety training which covers the regulations that are set out in NFPA 70E. Usually the NFPA 70E training lasts for three days and during this training, and once the NFPA 70E course has been completed, attendees will be able to define and identify electrical safety hazards in the workplace and they will be shown how they can use their knowledge gained during NFPA 70E training to protect themselves and co-workers against electrical shock, electrocution and arc flashes. The objective of the NFPA 70E training will be to help workers site the safety procedures which are necessary for work safety while workers are working on exposed live circuits and the training will allow them to fully describe the requirements for energizing and de-energizing power circuits. The NFPA 70E training is a requirement for all workers who work on exposed electrical circuits and since it is critical to achieve safe working conditions in this field, the NFPA 70E training will allow workers to obtain the knowledge to reach this goal.

    CSEM began offering training in 1992 and for almost two decades, the independent corporation has been providing state-recognized, university credited education and training with a number of safety fields and aspects. CSEM offers DOT training, MSHA Training, EPA Training, OSHA Training as well as training for NFPA 70E. Another aspect of the NFPA 70E training will be to demonstrate to worker how they can determine hazardous risk category for a number of common workplace jobs and conditions and during NFPA 70E training, they will be shown how to recognize and understand the limitations of protective personal clothing and equipment. Since electricity is a deadly force, the NFPA 70E training is a requirement for all workers and it is a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, where with the correct NFPA 70E, workers will be armed with the knowledge of how to react in dangerous situations and how to identify risks before they become a problem.

    CSEM has, during the last two decades, spent their time developing safety training that is able to meet the needs of a number of diverse industries in the realm of corporate and governmental spheres. The NFPA 70E training is a prescribed regulation and it is vital that all workers who are involved with electrical work attend an NFPA 70E training course. Since CSEM is a full service health and safety trainer, our company is equipped to offer many health and training courses, again, the details of each of these courses and services may be seen on the CSEM website. The online quoting tool can be utilized for the needs of arranging NFPA 70E training and it will provide clients with the chance to select the correct training that is needed. We offer several training mediums, such as onsite training, webinar training, open course training and online training, so feel free to browse our website, www.csem.com, for more information.