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posted May 13, 2013, 1:12 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:07 PM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
CSEM started offering safety and environmental training in 1992 and for close to two decades, the independent corporation has developed a strong, state university affiliation. With the launch of our online training site, CSEM has formed several online affiliates and they have formed partnerships with many governmental and corporate organizations and CSEM has also been awarded Government Safety Training Grants for several of their industrial clients who were struggling to offer the correct level of safety and environmental training within their workplaces. In terms of online affiliates, CSEM has partnered with a number of insurance carriers, and in the same vein, CSEM online affiliates include the insured, where CSEM’s knowledge of workplace accidents and emergencies allow the insured to be saved from financial losses due to accidents. Feel free to visit the CSEM online training brochure to view the list of online affiliates and to view the various online training courses which are provided by CSEM.

    The types of online courses offered by CSEM include accident investigations, ergonomics, hazardous waste, personal protection, respiratory protection, small spills, workplace emergency preparedness and workplace violence. Due to the fact that CSEM is able to offer several diverse safety and environmental online training courses, our online affiliates include numerous clients within numerous types of industries. For instance, the bloodborne pathogens online training course is geared to meet the needs of our online affiliates who deal with the collection and testing of bloods and blood samples and the online training course will allow our online affiliates to empower their employers and learn about the correct methods of dealing with exposure to blood and in addition, the bloodborne pathogen course will allow online affiliates to view their company’s procedures which are in place and gain the assurance that their procedures are in line with the universal precautions of dealing with blood borne pathogens. The accident investigation online training course will give our online affiliates the ability to correctly investigate accidents in the workplace and as such, they will be able to put the correct steps and measures in place to ensure that future accidents are avoided.

    Feel free to browse the CSEM online training brochure and find out how your company can partner with CSEM, who is able to meet all your safety and environmental training needs. All workplaces need to have safety regulations in place and the accident prevention training course will allow employers to identify any possible risk areas which may add to workplace accidents. It will show employees how to prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace and identify any possible risks. Join the several online affiliates and let our online training empower employees and create a safe workplace for all. Feel free to browse our website, www.csem.com, for more information about our online affiliates and to view the course outlines for the several online courses which are offered by CSEM, the Center for Safety and Environmental Management. Via our website, online users will be able to view the all the training offered by CSEM, including OSHA training, DOT training and EPA Training.