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posted May 13, 2013, 1:08 PM by CSEM Administrator   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:07 PM by amanzo@seowebpower.com ]
CSEM was founded by Safety and Environmental professionals who have had over three decades of experience in Safety and Environmental training. In a bid to meet the training demands of companies and governmental agencies, CSEM offers several kinds of training, including on-site training, open courses, webinar training and online training. The CSEM online courses are one of the most popular types of safety and environmental training courses and the training which is available includes safety overview, workplace emergency preparedness, an accident investigation course as well as environmental awareness. Those who undertake the online courses will be issued a certificate showing that the candidate successfully completed training. To view the different online training which is offered, feel free to visit the CSEM website, www.csem.com, where detailed information relating to the online course content, the online certificate and online course outline is posted.

    The Workplace Emergencies online course has been designed to allow each employee to accept a degree of responsibility for workplace safety and to identify any possible hazards which may have a negative impact on workplace safety. Once an online certificate has been issued for these training courses, employees are able to identify any hazardous material, and recognized hazardous materials in an emergency situation. Once the candidate has obtained their online certificate for training, they are understood to have the knowledge of how to react and respond in any emergency situation, which involves hazardous materials. Other topics which are covered in the Workplace Emergencies online training includes fire prevention, alarms and warning systems, and Employee Emergency Plans, which includes evacuation and first aid and medical support availability. Feel free to browse the Workplace Emergencies course outline and receive the assurance that once the online course has been completed, all participants will be issued an online certificate.

    In a bid to allow online users to understand the course content and outline, we have also posted online videos of each course, and this will give online users the chance to gain a clear understanding of what each course involves and what the outcome of is course is. To learn more about the online certificate training courses, or to find out more about CSEM and how we can offer effective safety and environmental training, which is in-line with the Safety and Health requirements of the US Government, feel free to visit the CSEM website. Additional online courses offered by CSEM include confined spaces, accident prevention, personal protection, safety overview and small spills. Give your employees the training needed to protect them in the workplace and allow our online training modules to be your first choice in online training. Should you wish to explore the other training modules offered by CSEM, our comprehensive website will provide full details on all training courses offered. Those who opt for online training will gain the assurance that after each online training course a certificate will be issued which will verify their attendance in each course. Browse the CSEM online brochure and let us meet all of your training needs.