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Refresher Training

posted May 13, 2013, 10:12 AM by amanzo@seowebpower.com   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:19 PM ]
    If your employees operate a powered industrial truck, they will need to have the proper OSHA safety training, and perhaps you have been seeking online for this, thus arriving at the Center for Safety and Environmental Management Group (CSEM). We offer the most comprehensive training for companies and industries online, in occupation health and safety training, including compliance certification training courses. Powered industrial truck training courses or machine operating safety courses are available, and these can be done using the convenience of internet technology, or skilled trainers can come and do them onsite for you. You can use our facility to get quotes for all the courses you need in a few easy steps, or add the courses you prefer to your shopping cart.

    Powered industrial truck training is suitable for forklift operators and other specialized trucks, like loading vehicles, heavy duty construction vehicles, and abnormal loads trucks. This training is one example of the vital training employees should do, which can help reduce the number of injuries in the workplace. Millions of man hours are lost because of inadequate employee training, and there are now compulsory standards set for minimum training requirements for your business to ensure it is industry compliant. Manufacturing companies with forklift drivers must definitely invest in powered industrial truck training, which is a course that covers a variety of topics from safe operating procedures to danger markings and guidelines of what to do in emergency situations.

    You will do well to choose onsite powered industrial truck training so that your employees can get the hands-on experience they need. CSEM has a team of expert consultants that will assist you with the right advice to provide you with the right training you need according to your industry. There is also basic safety and occupational risk management courses that every company should consider investing in, which can make employees adhere to safe, productive, workplace practices. Your safety officer should have the basic first aid training, CPR, and workplace safety practice enforcement training, which are also courses that can be done through us either onsite or online, according to your preferences.

    Make sure that your employees meet OSHA safety standards by completing the powered industrial truck training, and other courses that are industry specific. If your company transports, manufactures, or stores hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, it is vital that your staff have the Hazwoper training to prevent injuries, deaths, and harm to the environment. Like the powered industrial truck safety courses, all the courses and training we offer are the latest on the market, and even if your employees have prior training, there are selections of refresher courses they can take. Take a little time to browse our website, and become a company that can operate compliantly, within peace of mind safety standards that give your business a healthy rating for others to deal with you with complete confidence.