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Risk Management And Safety

posted May 14, 2013, 8:49 AM by amanzo@seowebpower.com   [ updated May 20, 2013, 10:32 AM ]
Refresher Training at CSEM, Inc. (Center for Safety and Environmental Management) combines experience and integrity specializing in hazardous materials and hazardous waste management issues. CSEM, Inc. offers environmental health, safety and Refresher Training, consulting services, and indoor air quality evaluations. CSEM, Inc. was established in 1992 by their current President and CEO Frank V. Quarato. CSEM, Inc. services clients throughout the Northeast, and is expanding across the U.S. and Canada. . Every worker has the right to work in a healthy and secure environment. It is the prime duty of the employers to give their labor force an environment that is safe, healthy and friendly. CSEM, Inc. has made it possible by conducting Refresher Training courses. The responsibility of the safety and health of the worker is not only the sole responsibility of the employer; it is also the responsibility of the workers to take care of their own health and safety.

    A worker of an industry or organization is liable to work in an environment where his safety and health are properly taken care of. The employer at the industry or the organization should organize the Refresher Training course for its employees or workers. It should be made sure that the workers understand the training process. And if there is a lack of understanding of the safety rules or hazards and practices, then there should be another Refresher Training course conducted.

    At CSEM, Inc, their Refresher Training program is a process aimed at providing individuals with the opportunity to polish the skills and talents they already use in the workplace. At times, the focus of this type of remedial training has to do with helping the individual to discard habits that have crept in over time and effectively aiding the employee in regaining efficiency that has been lost over time. In other cases, Refresher Training allows the individual to revisit some aspect of former training and be exposed to new methods.

    One of the fields that routinely make use of Refresher Training is the medical field. In many jurisdictions, nurses are required to attend periodic training sessions in order to remain licensed. While in the past this sort of training usually had to do with teaching established nurses how to deal with irate patients or how to use the latest in medical equipment, other information is often included now. CSEM, Inc. with their 30 years of experience uses new ways with latest technology to train workers.

    Refresher Training courses at CSEM, Inc. are unique and designed by their highly qualified trainers. They also make sure that their services are cost efficient. They have a toll free number 888-701-2736 for you, their customer service agents are available round the clock to assist you. They ensure you that their Refresher Training courses are worth attending and that your money and your precious time will not be wasted. CSEM, Inc. understands and applies practical solutions towards managing health, safety and environment issues in your business to ensure the ongoing safety of your staff.