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Risk Management Training

posted May 13, 2013, 10:07 AM by amanzo@seowebpower.com   [ updated May 14, 2013, 2:19 PM ]
Workplace safety is a growing concern among organizations. As legal bodies become stricter and many non profit organizations watching employee interests have sprung up, organizations have been obligated to conduct training on risk management safety. Besides, the awareness that safer workplace benefits an organization in the long run has also increased. Hence, companies are now willing to spend money and effort into training their employees and improving their processes to make them safer. CSEM is an organization founded by safety and environmental professionals with over 30 years of experience. The Center for Safety and Environmental Management, Inc. (CSEM) offers a broad range of safety, health and environmental training and consulting services. The company runs a number of branches of risk management safety programs for industry, corporate, and government agencies. The four different kinds of trainings offered by CSEM include on-site training, online training, open course and webinar training. The company believes in choosing a medium that best suits client needs and resources.

    The choice of medium also depends on the training topic and its requirements. CSEM’s competitive edge lies in the superior expertise and extensive knowledge of its employees. Staff also has extensive knowledge in the future trends and plans of government offices and large private sector firms to outsource safety needs. The company is hence expanding each day while contributing positively to the society at large by improving workplace safety and creating awareness on risk management safety. Technology, coupled with the ever growing trend to modernize corporate purchasing and sole source will continue to fuel growth for CSEM. Industrial accidents are on the rise. CSEM covers risk management safety topics all the way from electric safety to ladder safety to elevator safety etc. Other training topics include fire prevention, trenching safety, confined space entry, emergency response planning, hazardous material handling, industrial hygiene etc. The company website lists all topics, including the most recent ones.

    All these programs are customized to each organization’s needs, resources and limitations. For this reason, CSEM maintains a long list of affiliated agencies and repeat clients, who are all very satisfied with its performance. The company website can be used to get a quote for consultation or training on any area of risk management safety. Other than trainings, CSEM also runs a referral program that helps organizations add value to their products and product training with certificate based, (CEU) accredited courses to bring clients into full compliance with mandated yearly training. Companies can place and maintain CSEM’s quote tool on the web-site home page as a special offer to their clients. The referral program is an incentive for other businesses interested in risk management safety. Most clients need compliance quotes instantly for bids and proposals that they generate daily. Waiting for these bids can be damaging for the businesses successful acquisition of the opportunity at hand. Many large government contractors and small businesses that serve the government need more than one competitive bid to secure qualified vendors. CSEM, Inc. referral program has a great benefit as it has all of these quotes pre-approved and is an approved vendor.